JCDecaux installs new green bus stop in Manchester

With two double-sided touchscreens, CLP, WiFi and other features, JCDeceaux has installed a new green bus stop in Manchester – the first of its kind in the entire UK.
Once again, a Marc Aurel monument has been inaugurated; this time, however, in the UK. Unlike that of the Marc Aurel column in honour of the Roman Emperor and ancient namesake, the Marc Aurel of our day translates to something like the house designer of Media Owner, JCDecaux.
Similar to the designs created by Marc Aurel for Paris’ and other area’s new waiting rooms, which have been rolled out since 2015, Manchester has also been kitted out with the first state-of-the-art street furniture, which, in addition to screens, present a wide range of options. In the urban areas intended for local transport operators and external users, public facilities, other network services, energy generation (photovoltaic) or oxygen production (green roofs) are all made possible.
Now, JCdecaux UK has been commissioned to create a new stop for Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), designed according to its new design line and its technical specifications.
The location of the new bus stop is at Manchester’s central Piccadilly station, located next to Manchester Piccadilly train station. The new “Bus Stop of the Future” or “Bus Shelter of the Future” has free charging stations for smartphones and other mobile devices and free WiFi. On the integrated touch screens, news, travel and city information – as well as DooH advertising – are displayed. The pictures displayed here within the article – in addition to other photos available – show that a total of two columns each with two smaller screens (roughly estimated at 32” to 49” respectively) were installed. The columns have been designed so that screens replicate the sky, with touch screens installed on the columns at right angles to each other. In addition, a two-sided CLP has been installed in the immediate vicinity. On the green roof, the urban furniture provides photosynthesis for the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen.
Via: Digitalsignagesummit