JCDecaux allows smokers to ‘see the damage’ for Cancer Institute NSW

JCDecaux, UM and the Cancer Institute NSW have joined forces to encourage smokers to
quit, by revealing the mutations to cells caused by smoking, which can lead to cancer.
The campaign, in addition to other elements, features a custom-built Innovate panel, located in the heart of Sydney’s Pitt Street mall. To reinforce the campaign message, ‘See the damage. Stop the damage’, the panel includes a peep-hole viewing feature that allows passers-by to look directly into the smoker’s body.
Large HD digital screens installed within the panel, combined with unique lenses, enable audiences to literally “see the damage” smokers are doing on the inside.
The powerful Out-of-Home execution combines interactive JCDecaux Innovate technology with targeted StreetTalk panels, powered by JCDecaux’s geo-spatial media planning tool Orbit, to deliver both audience engagement and powerful pedestrian impact in targeted high dwell-time locations where smokers can be found.
“We’re really pleased to see the interactive capabilities of Out-of-Home combined with the powerful geo-targeted impact of our StreetTalk assets for such an important client and cause,’’ said Alan Klein, Head of Creative Solutions at JCDecaux.
Katarzyna Bochynska, Manager of Cancer Prevention at the Cancer Institute NSW, said: “This campaign is aimed at younger smokers, who have a high level of awareness of smoking related diseases, but who feel that they can put off quitting until they are older. This campaign aims to show them that tobacco smoke is already causing mutations to their cells now, which can lead to cancer. We hope that this activation will encourage smokers to think twice about their smoking habit.”
The Cancer Institute NSW’s interactive Innovate panel will be live until 30 August at Pitt Street Mall in Sydney, with accompanying StreetTalk panels on the streets of Sydney until Monday 5 September.