Japanese furniture store use street activation and OOH to highlight plight of the homeless

The number of homeless people in Japan is increasing year on year. Furthermore, support is always hard to come by, as homelessness is seen as a personal failure.
To raise awareness and donations to this ongoing crisis, Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo created for Megamax, Japan’s leading bed and furniture mega store, and Moyai, the Japanese Association for the Homeless, the Homeless Beds Collection.
Japanese artists used materials such as rough asphalt mud, dirty cement and stinky sewer lids with rats, the beds mimic the streets of Tokyo in detail, and the horrible conditions where thousands sleep in every night.
The beds were supported by an integrated campaign and displayed at Megamax’s flagship store, supported by a micro-site, OOH posters and a street activation where the public could get more information and personal stories about rough sleepers.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]165816305[/vimeo]
Via: Guerrila Blog