IPA Bellwether: Industry analysis

UK marketers have revised their internet budgets up to the greatest extent since the third quarter of 2007, according to the latest IPA Bellwether Report.
Glen Wilson, MD Posterscope UK, was one of the media experts to shares his thoughts with Mediatel on what the latest IPA Bellwether results mean for the industry.
“So the latest Bellwether report indicates that digital budgets are predicted to see the biggest rise for 10 years but set against a backdrop of prevailing economic headwinds and the lowest level of marketer optimism for four and a half years. There seems to be something of a dichotomy in this, and I think it is a further reflection of the pivot towards the shorter term, activation centred approach recently revealed by the IPA in its excellent report ‘Media in Focus – Marketing effectiveness in the digital era’.
The report highlights the ratio of brand to activation activity has flipped from the acknowledged optimum of 60/40 to almost the complete reverse. The analysis goes on to demonstrate that businesses that have taken the long view and invested in their brands, from a marketing perspective, have ultimately enjoyed superior growth.
So although the report gives positive indication that marketing budgets are set to rise, we would caution that the anticipated deployment of these budgets could perpetuate the problem rather than help to solve it”.
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