Interactive shop window provides multilingual support for shoppers

AINZ&TULPE, the largest cosmetics shop in Japan, has created “Look”, an interactive shop window experience providing multilingual support for shoppers looking for a make-up experience.
Over 10 million people from around the world visit Tokyo each year. Cosmetics are one of the top three items that they purchase and take home. However, as only 3% of Japanese people can speak a foreign language, foreigners have difficulties choosing products in Japan. This interactive experience provides a way forward.
There are over 10 types of fashionable Japanese faces displayed on the signage. The faces were produced using only products sold to AINZ&TULPE by Japan’s top make-up artists. Those fashionable faces detect people’s movements and faces. When a person selects a fashionable Japanese face to his/her liking, coupons, make-up methods, and more are issued in that person’s native language using facial recognition. If the person brings a coupon into the shop, not only are items used to create that face discounted, an experience is provided to all people in which make-up is applied to resemble that fashionable Japanese face in only three minutes.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]135932592[/vimeo]
The AINZ&TULPE Shop Window experience was developed at Dentsu Inc, Tokyo, by creative director/planner Reietsu Hashimoto, account executives Koji Makino and Nanae Suzuki, PR team Shingo Hiraoka and Ryo Nakagawa, working with AINZ/TULPE marketing director Kaori Ishikawa.
Source: The Inspiration Room