Interactive Coke ad uses emojis to wink and smile when you do

Few tech trends have exploded as fast in recent years as facial recognition and emojis, and now Coca-Cola is bringing them together for an interactive billboard.

A digital ad housed in a Stockholm, Sweden, subway station lets passersby determine what emotions appear on the screen. In a nutshell, Coke’s emojis mimic the consumers’ facial expressions.

The fun campaign uses a “Choose Happiness” tagline, an extension of Coke’s multi-channel #MakeItHappy endeavor. Isobar Sweden is the ad agency behind the billboard, dubbing it “Coke-moji.”

While facial-recognition software is probably going to be fairly commonplace in public spaces someday, right now, the technology certainly still has a “wow factor,” and Coke’s ad shows that the implications of facial recognition can go far beyond mobile and social.

Check the video below:

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]H2gvKrfZTAU[/youtube]

Source: AdWeek