Innocent Smoothies 'Chain of Good'

The objective of the campaign was to deliver the ‘Connected Good’ message. We used a multi-format approach to deliver the creative story where each site leads onto the next – i.e. sowing the seed of connected good through the “and…and…and” device.
As we wanted to execute the campaign in concentrated zones – we hand selected areas in and around London to carry the campaign.
The areas included: Waterloo, Piccadilly, Old Street, TCR, Brixton, Clapham and Fulham.  The formats that we were able to use within these areas varied greatly so it was important to make the most of the environments and creative executions.
At the heart of the campaign we wanted a ‘showpiece’ so we used Primesight’s Waterloo roadside domination as it delivered big impact in a high traffic and dwell time location.  The variety of formats lent itself well to delivering a multi-copy execution.
As well as delivering the core ‘tastes good’, ‘does good’ message, we ran a number of contextual messages.  For example – the ‘Bottoms up and’ creative which we ran in proximity to bars and the ‘also comes in 3D and’ which we ran in proximity to cinemas.
Along with the OOH, there was TV and online/ social media/ press activity running for a fully integrated media campaign.