iBeacons Will Rock Coachella Music Festival This Weekend

Kicking off this Friday, the Coachella Music Festival will become the latest event to use iBeacons to provide proximity-specific information to attendees.
Coachella’s iOS app has been updated with a new Version 3.0 which enables on-site iBeacon notifications for users who enable Location and Bluetooth services.
Coachella’s official website also advertises that attendees can, “Use Bluetooth to interact with beacons placed around the grounds” — although it doesn’t expand on this.
By embracing iBeacons, Coachella joins a growing number of event organizers making often innovative use of location-aware beacons to enhance the visitor experience. Earlier this month, a New York museum staged an event which used iBeacons to demonstrate the horror of landmines by creating a virtual minefield.
MLB has also installed iBeacons at 20 ballparks around the U.S. to offer iOS-using spectators point-of-interest mapping and other relevant contextual information during the 2014 MLB season.
A Dutch theme park, meanwhile, recently became Europe’s first theme park (although almost certainly not its last) to utilize the Apple technology.
Via: Cult of Mac