Hoppy days! The mystery of #LegendBoy is Revealed

To launch the new Money Multiplier scratchcard from the National Lottery DDFH&B turned to the animal that’s known for its multiplying abilities. The campaign planned by Starcom and Source ooh kicked off with teasers on Transvision, dPod and Green Screens showing rabbits but no branding other than #LegendBoy. In an Irish media first a simulated version of augmented reality was screened on a dPod in Dundrum, giving off the illusion that it is see through and that there was a fluffle of rabbits on the mall floor. After causing a stir across social media the rest of the campaign launched three days later, with the mysterious bunny revealed as none other than famous thespian, Bunnydict Cumberhutch.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]LsAU722hiYc[/youtube]