Hillshire Snacking introduces the World's Fanciest Vending Machine

To introduce Hillshire Snacking’s new line of premium snacks, VML USA set up a vending machine in a public place. And since Hillshire Snacking is a fancy snack, they decided to fancy up the vending machine too. By adding a butler. A real butler who served up new Hillshire Snacking flavors on a silver platter. Fans stopped, stared and enjoyed new Hillshire Snacking Small Plates which feature a variety of culinary inspired combinations complete with natural meats, flavorful cheeses, premium nuts, and savory crackers. All served from the World’s Fanciest Vending Machine. Because a fancy snack deserves a fancy snacking experience.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]P15JQq7l6Gg[/youtube]
Via: Bestadsontv