Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Olá…reaching an international airport audience

To reach and engage with an increasingly connected and informed consumer, as well as to break through the advertising clutter, brands are increasingly looking to be as relevant to their audience as possible. An environment that lends itself to this challenge is the airport landscape, with its diversity of nationalities, languages and consumers. For Global brands, it is beneficial to reach their target market in the right location at the right time and in the airport environment, where the demographic of audience changes in waves as flights arrive and depart this hyper-relevancy is now possible. Targeting an audience in such a way is becoming feasible with the evolution of digital media in this space and backed by the increasing amount of data that’s becoming available within the industry both in audience and campaign measurement. Alongside traditional static formats, which provide the brand presence and stature for Global brands to showcase themselves to the international and affluent traveller, digital dynamic campaigns provide an opportunity for further engagement with this audience.
Analysing new platforms such as OAG, the leader in Global aviation data comprising flight schedules, airline and passenger data, we know when a particular nationality is passing through the airport and, as a result, create a more targeted campaign strategy. Feeding this data into Liveposter, a real-time content management system that triggers targeted messages based on flight information, we can activate the right brand message to the right audience. British Gas’s campaign for Hive Active Heating is a great example of using OAG flight data and Liveposter. A digital campaign was launched in London Gatwick and Heathrow welcoming British travellers arriving back to the UK from abroad. Bespoke messaging targeted this audience with messages related to their holiday destination. For example, passengers returning from Malaga were encouraged to ‘Keep the Malaga mood with Hive Active Heating.’
The progression of these dynamic capabilities not only gives brands the opportunity to be more relevant, e.g. destination based copy, they can create a campaign that conveys their brand message in a number of languages at a given time. This effective targeted communication helps build a consumer and brand relationship whilst ensuring a company’s advertisement is communicating a consistent Global message but reaching this varied audience across multiple markets. Passengers both arriving and departing can be targeted in this way, for example welcoming the audience to the country with native language copy or providing a way-finding message for sourcing that product in the airport Duty Free in departures. This gives brands the opportunity to create awareness of the product or service in a personal way whilst also making a statement about the global status of the product.
This is also supported by PSI’s Global Shopper consumer research showing that 83% of consumers are more likely to notice an advertisement in their own language; and furthermore, in line with online digital trends, 75% are finding personalisation increasingly important to them.* Dynamic DOOH has been available in other OOH environments for some time and now it’s establishing in airports. With ever more brands taking advantage of this new way of advertising, this trend looks set to stay.
By Laura Wilkey – Senior Communications Executive
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* PSI Global Shopper survey (respondents 545) 2014