Why It’s A Good Idea To Go To This #AWEurope £100k Giveaway By Doug Zanger, Director of Social and Marketing of Advertising Week Europe

Doug Zanger, Director of Social and Marketing of Advertising Week Europe,  comments on Posterscope’s ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble’ session at Advertsing Week Europe.
“OK, so I’ll admit that the headline on this is a bit deceiving. It’s actually not link bait (yeah right, Doug) — but just hear me out a bit.

First off, this is a cool thing that Posterscope is doing. Essentially, they are pitting three top London agencies to compete for £100k of out-of-home space. This competition includes adam&eveDDB, M&C Saatchi and VCCP. They will give their pitches to not just the fantastic Claire Beale, Editor-in-chief of Campaign — but to the entire audience. Each agency has a whopping 10 minutes to pitch and we will all decide who walks away with the (OOH) loot.
What’s really interesting to me is that this is an excellent way to see how pitches, especially under this amount of pressure and with so much at stake, are done. Most of us are in positions now where we are either 1) directly involved in pitches or 2) could continue to learn how pitching skills could be most beneficial for the work we do. I know that I’ve watched pitches in the past where I’ve taken literal and mental notes. I’ve seen what works and what not to do. All of that has been filed away for those times when I need to make certain points or pitch an idea to the team.
In fact, I just got done voicing this book on pitching for a friend, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to glean some real wisdom and perspective from those who are in the trenches day in and day out. What’s great about this event from Posterscope is that we’ll all be able to see this interesting microcosm of preparation, execution and the ability to adjust on the fly. Something always seems to happen in a pitch, no matter how prepared we are — and just seeing how it can all come together, even in the face of adverse moments, is quite useful.
The other thing here is that these three agencies are really, really good. I have a feeling that more than a few of us may purloin an idea or two (or 10) and sort out how it might be of benefit to the work that we all do. That’s not to say we’ll flat-out steal the ideas, but it might very well give us all some additional inspiration and allow us to think a little differently about OOH and digital.
Sure, someone in the crowd isn’t winning £100k, but we will all walk out of there with something just as, if not more, valuable. Think about it, when it comes time for our own pitches, we can be confident in knowing that we are pulling from resources that can get deals and ideas closed.
And that could very well be worth that £100k — and then some”
Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! £100k Giveaway! presented by Posterscope is Monday, 23 March at 10:30AM on the YouTube Stage at #AWEurope.
Via: Advertising Week Social Club