Giant Football Shirt Signing

The Belgian National football team, the Red Devils conquered a ticket for the World Cup 2014. Fans of the Red Devils are known as “the 12th man” and during the qualifiers; they really were the 12th man. Every home game was sold out in seconds. Millions of fans watched at home or on big screens, breaking every viewing record. And after the qualifiers, every fan wanted to show his or her support for the World Cup.
The official sponsor of the Red Devils, ING wanted to take the support of the entire 12th man to Brazil.
If the 12th Man himself couldn’t go, maybe his shirt could. So NewWorld and ING Belgium organised a Giant T-shirt Signing Tour around Belgium. A shirt that could fit thousands of autographs was created. Eleven signing events were organised to gather as many autographs as possible. And awareness grew stronger every day. The campaign was picked up by the Red Devils themselves. More than 80,000 fans wrote a personal encouragement for their Heroes.
The giant shirt was shown at the airport when the Red Devils left for Brazil, the supporters were there, at the airport, wishing them good luck.
In Brazil the giant shirt got a well-deserved place in the Red Devils’ hotel and at their training fields. So every day, during every training, the Belgian team was reminded that –back home- their 12th Man was right behind, in every sense of the word.
In total results, 280,000 persons visited the platform. The ING Football Facebook got more than 8000 likes during the World Cup, reaching a total of more than 8 million people. Almost a million views on the ING Football YouTube channel were reached.
Source: NewWorld Belgium