Free OOH exhibition reveals world changing research

Made Possible by Melbourne…
The University of Melbourne drives research that is changing our world. They are celebrating this throughout November with their ‘Made Possible by Melbourne’ activity.
Fourteen OOH sites in the City of Melbourne are hosting installations that explore some of their best research projects, alongside audio explaining  the inspiration behind these incredible stories.  Passersby can see these inventions and innovations up close, from robot arms to a brand of super rice and discover how, for example, they are making the city of the future, growing organs outside the human body and working to eliminate blindness.
The 21st Century’s most pressing problems require collaboration and ingenuity. ‘Made Possible by Melbourne’ makes these stories come alive and explains how researchers and academics are working together to improve lives.
Explore ‘Made Possible by Melbourne’ and discover how Melbourne is changing the world.
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Via: The University of Melbourne