Fantastic 4's human torch comes to life in this drone stunt

Is it a bird. It’s a plane. No wait, it’s just a human drone, on fire, flying through the sky.

Viral video agency Thinkmodo, with its knack for pranks and crazy stunts, created its very own Human Torch to promote the latest Fantastic Four film.

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]o3usKUcFVeY[/youtube]

The human-shaped drone was admittedly unleashed in the safest of New York spaces: Nassau County’s Fire Service Academy. On set to help manage the stunt were 10 firefighters and two chiefs with access to fire trucks, water, CO2 and gas masks, alongside the professionals operating the drone.

“We understood that it was risky, but we had complete faith in the team we worked with and the local firefighters at the facility who made it their priority to keep everyone and everything safe,” Thinkmodo co-founder Michael Krivicka tells Adweek. “We selected the safest location, a fire training facility, which is designed for the purpose of burning and extinguishing things.”

The idea for the stunt came from a previous video from Thinkmodo, “Flying People in New York City.” The original video, which Krivicka said was one the agency’s most successful viral video campaigns, promoted Fantastic Four director Josh Trank’s first feature film, Chronicle. But Thinkmodo needed to take its most recent stunt to the next level, and in just five weeks, added fire into the equation.

“It took a lot of testing because we had to find the right material to do it with,” Krivicka said. “A special pyro technician had to figure out how to coat the aircraft so it burns in a way that the human shape reads well (instead of it looking like a big flaming ball).”

Source: Adweek