Elliptical advertising displays coming to Birmingham’s New Street Station

Birmingham’s New Street Station will be the first in the UK to feature state-of-the art digital out-of-home advertising displays which will be shaped like eyes and beam adverts tailored specifically to those looking at them.
The project, commissioned by Network Rail, is the first in the UK out-of-home advertising market to incorporate curved large-format LED display solutions. All three media eyes will eventually be operated by media company Ocean Group and will be used to display advertising messages as well as information about rail services.
Concept Sign and Display Group, which operates the European and Middle East arm of Californian-based technology company D3, designed and manufactured the custom solutions for the New Street project. It has developed a pioneering system to create three seamless digital eye-shaped curvatures, spanning up to 29.5 metres by 6.3 metres.
A 20-strong team of highly specialized LED display technicians has now started on site to affix the display systems to each of the three individual eye-shaped structures.  The South media eye, which is prominently situated at the station entrance below John Lewis, is scheduled to be the first to be completed and will be commissioned during mid-August.
Source: Screen Media Daily & The Times