EasyJet plays on spontaneity with “Take off immediately” stunt

The idea behind Easyjet’s concept was really to play on spontaneity. With a teasing campaign on Facebook and an ePanel installed at the Geneva and Basel train station, EasyJet invited fans and travel enthusiasts to join a live contest that would take place between 4pm and 5pm at the train station.
Participants had to come with a friend, their luggage, their passport and the EasyJet App on their smartphone ready to take off to a surprise destination in Europe.

About 300 people joined each of the 4 events hoping to win one of the 5 free weekends, including a flight and hotel, offered by EasyJet. Participants could register directly on the ePanel to participate in the prize draw. Every 10 minutes, the winners, the destination and the departure time were displayed on the screen after a countdown full of suspense and enthusiasm. The winners were immediately invited to check-in for their flight before heading to the airport. 

Via: Best Ads on TV