Dove challenges women to ‘choose beautiful’ in social experiment

Would you say you are “beautiful” or “average”?
Dove posed the above question to women in its latest ad campaign, titled #ChooseBeautiful’.
Dove flew to San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Delhi and São Paulo to carry out a social experiment—entrances to shopping malls were labelled with ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Average’, while team members observed as women made their choices.
Some women confidently striding past the doors that are tagged ‘Beautiful’, while others regretted walking through the ‘Average’ entryway and a minority refused to be pigeon-holed by either selection.
Dove said in a statement, “Women make thousands of choices each day—related to their careers, their families, and, let’s not forget, themselves. Feeling beautiful is one of those choices that women should feel empowered to make for themselves, every day.”
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]7DdM-4siaQw[/youtube]
Via: Design Taxi