Outdoor Plus Comments on the Future of DOOH

Suzanne Hodgins, Head of Marketing at Outdoor Plus, writes about the future of DOOH.
Marketers have access to considerable consumer data and real-time insights and 2014 will see the trend for personalised and real-time communication continue apace. Understanding the changing needs, attitudes and behaviours of the consumer and applying this data will maximise the opportunities for tailored communications.
From an Out of Home (OOH) perspective we will see a greater number of clients take advantage of the Digital OOH (DOOH) landscape and challenge media owners to deliver truly bespoke solutions. Marketers should embrace the flexibility and dynamism of the medium and its natural partnership with social media and mobile to have real-time conversations with the consumer.
We expect the continued integration of mobile technology into OOH and the introduction of new platforms. There needs to be seamless interactivity across DOOH, social media and mobile and marketers will seek out opportunities to strengthen their brand’s relationship with consumers on the move, improving brand experiences. Marketers will be able to build on tried and tested opportunities, for example Posterscope’s NFC trials which highlighted consumer interactions tend to peak during the first week.
The integration of iBeacon will also be interesting, especially from an OOH perspective where there is natural affinity in terms of location, environment & audience delivery. Beacons not only transmit offers, coupons and recommendations but they can accept payment too. So rather than using mobile and OOH to start a brand conversation, advertisers will be able to measure key metrics including brand loyalty, sales and profitability.
For 2014, using DOOH needs to be coupled with consumer desire for personalisation. Whilst most marketers are fully aware of the benefits of DOOH they have yet to fully embrace the possibilities to create more timely, consumer centric and cohesive campaigns.
Via: Digital Marketing Magazine