Diet Coke retweets its biggest fans in extravagant ways

Diet Coke has taken a grand new approach to retweeting love notes from fans. Instead of just hitting a button on Twitter, it’s retweeting the tweets out in the real world—in beautifully designed ads on billboards, custom jewelry, framed artwork, magazine pages and more. The surprise RTs will be tailored to each individual tweet.

The “Retweets of Love” campaign begins with a digital billboard in Times Square, where three tweets from Diet Coke fans in Texas, Oregon and Virginia are being retweeted in front of the masses.

“We’ve been connecting with our biggest and most passionate fans through social media for years, but we felt it was time to return that love in way that’s as big as our appreciation. A simple retweet just isn’t enough for our loyal fans who love the great taste of Diet Coke,” said Danielle Henry, group director of integrated marketing content at Coca-Cola North America. “We can’t wait for our Diet Coke enthusiasts to see their tweets reimagined into displays of affection that are as unique as they are.”

“Retweets of Love” is an extension of Diet Coke’s “Get a Taste” campaign, which launched last fall.

Source: Adweek