Deliveroo opens Game of Thrones-inspired bakery

Deliveroo teamed up with Game of Thrones actor Ben Hawkey to open a bakery inspired by the hit HBO series.
Deliveroo’s bakery debuted last week, coinciding with the launch of Game Of Thrones season seven. Fans of the show were able to purchase direwolf-shaped loaves for £1, which are made with wholewheat cornbread and orange zest.
The produce, sold by You Know Nothing John Dough, is inspired by the show’s character Hot Pie – played by Ben Hawkey – who bakes Arya Stark a direwolf-shaped loaf of bread. Customers could enjoy the loaves warm with butter, but were only be able to order through Deliveroo for a limited time only.
The activation kicks off at 6pm on 17 July, just before the first episode of the latest Game Of Thrones season hits screens on Sky Atlantic.
Via: Event Magazine