Data visualisation of footfall fans’ choices demonstrated via real-world and online triggers

This campaign (created by Posterscope Germany, Carat and partners) is a brilliant example of creating excitement and audience engagement around a major, and local, sporting event. For the UEFA 2012 Final, adidas, sponsors of both finalists FC Bayern München and Chelsea FC, turned Munich into a giant polling booth. Fans in Munich (and globally via avatars) selected their teams through a series of ‘choices’ within a designated competition zone, such as pressing a button on a storefront, taking a certain set of subway stairs and even which ice cream sprinkles or coffee cup they choose. Votes were tallied and updated in real-time to a dedicated micro-site, whilst a vast 3D animated projection on a shopping centre facade showed the teams’ popularity ranking. More than 300,000 football fans participated in choosing their team….and you can bet it wasn’t Chelsea.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]7-UolyskAyE[/youtube]