Cookware brand proves nothing sticks to their non-stick pans using 'unstickable' posters

To show the effectiveness of the Starflon non-stick technology on their cookware, Tramontina set up a shooting range to show that nothing sticks to their non-stick pans. Internet celebrities, Tramontina customers and an Olympic shooting medalist were invited to use toy guns to shoot various sauces at posters that had been layered with the same Starflon non-stick coating. The sauces slipped off the non-stick targets and all over the poster’s border to create a one off piece of art.
The posters were signed and used as P.O.S, while customers won discounts on Tramontina cookware.
Nothing stuck to the posters, but they created an idea that would stick in people’s mind.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]220706372[/vimeo]
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