Conveying the dangers of air pollution with huge light projections

Chinese company Xiao Zhu, is projecting huge beams of light of suffering children onto toxic smoke as a way to promote a new social movement for clean air and sustainable business. The strategy is bold, horrific, and resourceful.
Hundreds of thousands of deaths each year can be traced to airborne contaminants. The problem is especially severe in China, where the growing youth population is dealing with smoke, pollution and smog caused by factory plants. Xiao Zhu, the company behind the installation, is placing images of miserable, crying infants onto smoke bi-products, and it’s absolutely terrifying. The installation is called Breathe Again, and it’s promoting a cleaner, healthier future for China’s youth.
The clarity of the images is brilliant, and the babies’ faces are a call for immediate, sustainable action.
The campaign directly targets the businesses at the forefront of this environmental issue.
At the end, a sentence appears which sums of the idea of the projections. It reads, “Clear the air. Let the future breathe again.” A link to the project’s website is the leading call to action.
Not quite augmented reality—the outdoor installation is more of a projected reality of China’s current situation, and what will hopefully not be the future one.
Source: psfk