Posterscope Taiwan

Welcome to the Glenfiddich Bar 1963 New York

Dating back to 1963, Glenfiddich was the first Single Malt to successfully be introduced around the world.  However, it was a late entrant to the Taiwanese whisky market, and faced stiff competition from many other brands with a Scottish history.  To raise awareness amongst the key target audience, (men 25+ who value innovation, freedom and adventure) and to drive home Glenfiddich’s value proposition (pioneering spirit), Posterscope created the innovative ‘Glenfiddich Bar 1963 New York” campaign’.

The bar opened in the busiest areas of Taipei and Taichung, and used digital technology and vintage NY art installations to transport consumers back to the ‘good old days’ and promote the brand’s history. The outdoor 3D installations helped to draw passers-by in, while old-fashioned ‘paper boys’ distributed flyers in areas surrounding the bar to help increase numbers. In addition, mobile users within a 3km radius were set a push notification to their phones.

Kinect motion sensors were used to create silhouettes of consumers, making them appear as 1960’s gentlemen walking the streets of NYC. Guests had to the opportunity to take pictures against a branded backdrop, and won a free measure of Glenfiddich if they checked-in to the bar on Facebook.

In 18 days, more than 18,000 people visited the bar while 7,000 visitors got a free taste of Glenfiddich. TV news, print media and Facebook posts created massive earned media exposure, generating more than 3 million New Taiwan Dollar in media value. By immersing guests into and innovative experiential campaign, Posterscope Taiwan successfully reintroduced Glenfiddich’s pioneering spirit to Taiwan and encouraged people to fall in love with the brand.