Warner Bros. Scares Up Another Marketing Hit With ‘It: Chapter Two’ Immersive Experience

One of the more notable elements in the marketing campaign for 2017’s It was the creation of a house from the story that was available for visitors to enter and explore. The Neibolt House, constructed on a Los Angeles street corner, was an immersive experience where people could be guided through the twists, turns and jumpscares by Georgie, the little boy whose disappearance acts as an inciting incident in the story.

With It Chapter Two hitting theaters this week Warner Bros. is once more pulling out an experiential marketing execution meant to make the movie’s story a tangible reality for fans. As is often the case with sequels, this time, things are even bigger than they were the first time around.

The new movie, based on the second half of Stephen King’s 1986 novel, is set 27 years after the events of the original. When children in Derry once again start to go missing the now-adult members of the Losers Club return to their hometown to end the menace of Pennywise The Clown.

Via: Ad Week