London commuters were in for a treat earlier today (Thursday September 13th) as Virgin Holidays launched a Thameside ballpit, filled with over 140,000 reusable colourful balls.

Free to use, the company were encouraging passers-by to shake off every day pressures and ‘see the world as their playground’. The pool was created after a survey by the company found that us Brits stop having fun and slip into boredom at 43. Cash concerns, perpetual exhaustion and self-consciousness are cited as the main reasons why. With just under half of those surveyed stating that breaking routine would make them feel more refreshed, and half stating they feel at their most fun on holiday, this ball pool hopes to offer the perfect remedy. Those willing to get involved could even be in with the chance of winning a holiday if they found a golden ball amongst the multi-coloured ones.

Tom Daley was first to take a dip. He said that whilst we all have ‘responsibilities and everyday pressures’ ‘it is important to have fun along the way’, advising us all to ‘take a plunge’ into something exciting’ whether it be the ball pool or a new adventure.

Joe Thompson, managing director at Virgin Holidays says; ‘We want to encourage people to get out into the world and have fun stepping away from the all-too-familiar routine’.

Via: PR Examples