Uber Eats launches life size ‘Filet-o-Fish’ as Sharkbait in New Zealand

To highlight that you can order McDonald’s via the Uber Eats app and get it delivered to your door, a car-sized Filet-o-Fish popped up to cheekily tease the shark for nine days, with its crispy looking patty and ‘cooked-to-perfection-steamed bun’.

The campaign was devised by Special Group New Zealand, who developed this innovative and quirky idea and surrounding integrated marketing campaign for Uber Eats New Zealand.

Working closely with custom builders and set modellers, a road-worthy custom built Filet-o-Fish burger car was constructed and passed NZTA and LVVTA checks. The car is 30:1 the size of a Filet-o-Fish. After releasing it unannounced one morning, the chase quickly filled social media feeds, hit the front page of Reddit and clocked more than 100,000 likes.

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