The movement of people in the time of COVID-19

9th April 2020

The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 has moved much of the urban populace from city centres out to the suburbs/residential ‘local’ areas.

As the leading location specialist, our proprietary platform ECOS – the world’s largest location DMP – and our multiple mobile data sources confirms this, plus also gives us unique glimpses at the nuances of exactly where and when location behaviours and human movement have been affected… and how.

In this snapshot below (covering 30 days), we can see that despite the growing concerns and news coverage over the coronavirus in late February/early March, city-workers only showed a major behavioural movement shift after the 16th March address by the Prime Minister, when it was recommended to work from home wherever possible. Cities with high volumes of professional services workers (office-based) were the most reluctant to leave their city centres, and large cities with international travel connections have been hit hardest (London/Manchester etc).

This return to ‘local’ of course has implications for local retail and local OOH formats, and as the country adapts to life at home over the coming weeks/months – the supermarket queues, short walks around the local neighbourhood and home exercise routines – ECOS, fuelled by Locomizer + multiple data sources, will keep our finger on the pulse of the nation in these ever-changing times.