The Movement of People during Covid-19 (22 Mar-20 Apr 2020)

30th April 2020

As the population follows government guidelines on social distancing we see a marked increase in human movements in suburban areas of major UK cities between March and April.

Location data aggregated from multiple sources and analysed within ECOS (our proprietary DMP) visualises this transition of movement in action. The key takouts for this period are:

  1. Concentrations of people in city centres have now moved to suburbs as the nation settles into their new local-normal
  2. This trend is most pronounced in major cities than in minor towns and rural areas.
  3. In the suburbs of major cities we are regularly seeing increased movement at weekends:
    Sunday – the quietest days for movement pre-Covid – now sees large spikes in suburban movement. A combination of attempts to retain working-week structures, good weather, families making exercise outings, more regular weekend supermarket trips  could all be contributing to this spike in movement.

The maps below show People’s movements  in London and Manchester. We will continue to analyse people’s movement in the UK over the coming weeks.