Posterscope Thailand helped Chevrolet launch its all new Captiva MYLINK infotainment center in 2017. The aim of the campaign was to connect with the target audience – professional couples 30-49 living in the greater Bankok area who, due to their profession, spend a lot of time in their cares travelling to and from work and therefore struggle with their work / life balance.

Chevrolet wanted to enable them to have customised experiences in this wasted time by demonstrating the benefits Chevrolet MYLINK can provide enabling them to make the most of their “Down Time” and turning it into “Up Time”.

OOH acted as an “accelerator for good times”. Engaging the audience whilst in their car, in their down time, encouraging them to share fresh ideas on how to create Up time.

Giant digital billboards situated on the heaviest traffic routes where the key formats used. Commuters were asked how best they could be using this down time and encouraged to post their answers tp facebook #LINKMYLIFE or #LIKEMYLINK. The ideas where then posted back onto the billboards so that they can be shared with everyone.

Results were great: within 10 days Chevrolet had received 3,000 tips to their social page; the campaign generated 120,000 engagements on social media; there was a +34% year on year increase in overall Chevrolet sales.