Starbucks claims summer moments with dynamic Out of Home campaign

Following is a summary of a campaign that Posterscope Netherlands executed in the summer of 2019.

It is May and the Summer of 2019 is just around the corner. A Summer full of meeting moments such as BBQs, outdoor cafes, and festivals. These are the moments Arla wanted to target to promote their Startbucks, iced coffee range available to purchase in supermarkets and “on-the-go” stores such as local/city centre kiosks and and Albert Heijn To Go.

The challenge of ‘claiming the summer moments’ involved two challenges;

  • 1/the summer is a 4-month period (May to August). To own the whole of this period would require a very large media budget which was not available to ust.
  • 2/navigating the weather which is very volatile in the Netherlands and in rainy weather, people are less likely to buy a cold iced coffee.

To prevent the media budget from being drowned in the rainy Dutch summer, we opted for a dynamic Digital Out of Home campaign which proved to be an the ideal solution for both challenges.

Our consumer survey OCS/CCS (Out of Home Consumer Survey/Consumer Connection System) has proven that the 25+ target audience mainly notices OOH advertising in: bars/pubs/clubs, business parks, petrol stations, shopping malls, trams/buses and supermarkets. We linked the Starbucks iced coffee outlets to these locations and landed on four touch points: shopping malls, train stations, supermarkets, and petrol stations. In order to create extra relevance, we ultimately decided to go with shopping centres (digital 6-sheets) and train stations (digital 6-sheet & digital impact screens).

Relevance in time
Thanks to Digital Out of Home, we can be visible at the most relevant time of day and day of the week, thereby enabling us to maximise the utilisation of the budget to when the weather is best and we know that our target audience will be out and about.

Relevance in design
Using Posterscope’s Liveposter application, a dynamic content strategy was agreed that ensured that every ad was always relevant to the context of each unique DOOH screen.

The message relayed was changed based on key triggers programmed into the campaign, such as; time, location, weather, and moments.

We used humorous copy to stay relevant when the weather proved to be a little challenging! for key moments such as BBQ’s/Festivals and for when people might need and energy boost! So we created copy such as

“Rainy day, Sunny flavours, your favourite iced coffee”
“After rain comes your favourite Starbucks iced coffee.”
“That’ll blow you away. Your favourite iced coffee.”
“Festival day! “Seek out the sun in your favourite iced coffee.”
“Going into town”? Grab a boost with your favourite iced coffee.”
“Rainy 4 o’clock dip… Restart with your favourite iced coffee.”

A total of 40 unique creative combinations were created based, on time, location, weather and moments, which differed per screen. Each screen picked up these combinations on its own, without intervention of the operator. An Ad displayed in Amsterdam would and did look different from the one shown at the same time in Rotterdam.

By deploying dynamic ads via Liveposter, Arla was able to claim the summer moments, even if it wasn’t iced coffee weather.


  • 6 out of 10 respondents remembered the dynamic campaign
  • Starbucks had the strongest brand awareness in the competitor’s list – 59% cited the brand  spontaneously; brand awareness (90%) was increased by 3% among those who saw the campaign
  • Starbucks advertising awareness was highest in the iced coffee category
  • Thanks to Dynamic, the following percentages increased:
    Average brand value by 11% ppts
    Intention to buy by 15% ppts
    NPS by 9% ppts
  •  7 out of 10 saw the campaign take action, with 26% claiming the ads encouraged them to buy Starbucks iced coffee
  • The campaign had an impact on all adults, but had the greatest impact on non-iced coffee users, with an average + 13% pp.
  • Creative scores high in both landscape and portrait formats, with the dynamic element more noticeable in landscape format due to the increased size.
  • All dynamic triggers worked, especially location and time.

Heike van Wersch – Senior Commercial Manager

“For Starbucks Iced Coffee, the ability to respond to changing weather is very important. The iced coffee category is really a seasonally driven category, with sales going through the roof when the weather is nice. It is very important to reach your target group with a relevant message at these moments. With the Liveposter/Dynamic solution from Posterscope, we were able to respond very flexibly to changes in the weather, as well as time of day or day of the week, creating specific messaging for every relevant moments & weather type.”