At the end of 2018, Spotify and agency YARD teamed up for an innovative and playful outdoor campaign designed to appeal to listeners of France’s hottest rap playlist PVNCHLNRS. Since streaming has taken over the music industry, rap has dominated the scene in France, and its influence on culture as a whole has been undeniable. The campaign from Spotify, celebrates the artists of PVNCHLNRS, the playlist which regroups all the genre’s heavyweights, and which has more followers than any list by Apple or Deezer. 

The concept: revolutionary posters with iconic punchlines, with words deliberately blanked out. The idea? To communicate to the PVNCHLNRS community, and to make them interact by testing their musical IQ with a lyrical guessing game. Spotify  paid homage to some of the rappers by teasing the campaign with painted versions of the ads in several of the rappers’ hometowns, before launching nationally on city streets, metro stations. 

The campaign earned 3 million impressions and had a reach of 400,000 and helped the playlist earn even more listeners, over 50,000 in a few weeks.

Via: Best Ads on TV