Plant-based milks are healthy, versatile and a sustainable alternative to dairy. However, these milks suffer from negative taste perceptions and a general lack of awareness of what they could be used for. So, we needed to inspire people to try different varieties of ‘So Good’ plant milks and to understand all of their uses in the kitchen. Plant-based milks are known to enhance the flavours of fruit and vegetables – unlike dairy products which mask natural flavours.

To help Kiwi’s experience this, we created the Garden of Goodness, a living garden filled with delicious plant based dishes that looked like real fruits and vegetables that inspired them. With the addition of So Good products, each dish became a plant-only take on common recipes, including Tomato Soup, Dhal, Cheescake, Dukkah, Pumpkin Pie, and Apple Pie.

Housed in a purpose built terrarium, visitors could help themselves by picking these healthy snacks off trees and vines or by pulling them from the edible soil. With thousands picked and eaten over three days, So Good helped New Zealanders discover sustainable and delicious alternatives to dairy. 

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