They say good design is invisible. This truth has been perpetuated with the surge of the apparently distracting smartphone notch, which was widely spurned when it made its debut.

Microsoft released its ‘Surface Pro 6’ laptop in the UK last week. The device is built to cut off distractions, and features a matte black design that essentially fades into the background, narrowing users’ focus to what’s important.

To prove the effectiveness of this design, Microsoft teamed up with advertising agency McCann London to create a set of non-distracting posters, cast by shadow, that eventually blended into its surroundings to highlight the content that mattered.

The playful use of lighting—or lack of it—in the seamless outdoor ads would also help to demonstrate the laptop’s matte black finish.

Just like a shadow, the ‘Surface Pro 6’ is “designed to disappear.”

The posters were projected in several outdoor spaces in London last week. If you didn’t notice them, the campaign might have proven its point.

Via: DesignTaxi