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As a foreign bank in a highly competitive financial market, Santander faced a significant challenge in breaking through in the UK and gaining loyalty with British customers. In order to raise awareness of their mortgage services and their Santander Cycles scheme, we transformed Santander’s previously static, fortnightly only bursts, OOH strategy to a more dynamic, digital-led medium, increasing relevancy for consumers and securing brand stand-out.

Our brief was to amplify and create stand-out for 2 very different services: Santander mortgages and the Santander Cycles sponsorship across a sustained period in order for them to turn their long-term brand building into engaging campaigns. To further drive brand fame, we created an ‘always on’ strategy, to increase relevancy for their consumers during specific times.

Mortgages are generally highly considered purchases which sit within a competitive and largely undifferentiated market. Insight revealed our target audience were affluent, transient commuters striving for their next perfect home. To target this audience in an eye-catching, forward thinking way, we used digital screens across the Transvision network in 24 key commuter hubs, to display a destination from that station, showing the average commute time and house price for that specific destination. For maximum impact and relevancy, the dynamic creative used live departures data and house price data from the Land Registry. Commuters were also prompted to search for the Santander Mortgage calculator on their phone during their train journey home.

For Santander Cycles, we wanted to make full use of DOOH by “unlocking London” to the public, and promote cycles as an alternative method of moving around the Capital. Live weather and location data was used to influence the creative shown, such as encouraging the public to use the cycles in sunnier weather, when a bike would be available to hire, and informing people of local attractions in the vicinity with how long it would take to cycle from A to B. This relevant content meant we targeted different audience segments in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

By implementing an ‘always-on’ strategy with dynamic data, Santander were able to showcase a range of services, whilst being relevant and of direct interest to the public. This transformed OOH into a utility, grabbing the audience’s attention whilst increasing brand awareness and engagement.