Posterscope USA

Reckitt Benckiser KY

For Reckitt Benckiser’s product KY, the challenge was to take a taboo subject (premature ejaculation) and bring it to the mainstream to get people talking about it.

To deliver this, Posterscope USA implemented a creative OOH strategy based on the premise that comedy is often used to cut through awkward moments.  They wanted to develop a campaign that not only ‘cut through the mix’ of other advertisers but also kept the conversation relevant by automatically targeting multiple audiences mindset’s in real-time and at real scale.

Using their newly acquired market-leading Liveposter platform, Posterscope used real-time data to trigger dozens of highly contextual, targeted (and comical) creative messages across nearly 100 digital OOH screens in NYC and Las Vegas to address unique audience mindset moments. Combining a deep knowledge of the consumer mindset and lifestyle interests allowed screen-specific targeting to effectively capture attention, which is proven to increase advertising awareness and message recall.

Combining audience data and local cultural insight, we triggered reactive creative (location-specific to each city, neighbourhood and even each screen) referencing specific to time of day, day of week, business audiences, commuter mindset, tourists, local and national events, like Halloween, long weekends and react to results from sports events.

This meant it was continually relevant for every occasion and delivered fantastic results including increased spontaneous and prompted awareness, and increased ‘effects on the brand’ (creative rating and net promoter score).  Furthermore, it was presented at the latest ‘Digital Place-based Ad Association’ event in NYC as a best in class example.