PSI Journey to Recovery Newsletter W/C 06.07.2020

10th July 2020

The latest insight from PSI’s Global Mobility Index shows that almost all G20 Countries are increasing in mobility across retail, transit and workplace environments.

South Korea continues to lead the charge in terms of recovery to pre Covid level mobility across all three environments, whilst Hong Kong, Germany and France also demonstrate strong signs of being firmly in the ‘Return’ phase of recovery – a phase that PSI categorizes as markets that fall within a range close to pre covid-19 levels of mobility.

Despite a substantial increase in mobility levels, the UK, North America, Brazil and India continue to fall behind other G20 markets

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ACI Forecast Passengers Across Europe to Rise to -41% by end of Q4

A recent report published by ACI, forecasts monthly passenger traffic could rise to –41% by December 2020 versus the same month the previous year.

The easing of travel restrictions from the 15th June  has hugely bolstered European bookings, with passenger numbers at EU27/Schengen airports doubling from 2.7 million passengers handled between 1-14 June to 5.6 million between 15-28 June.

Prepare for Take-off with JCDecaux’s latest Research

Coinciding with the announcement of UKs first airbridges, this week saw JCDecaux UK release their latest research into the recovery of Air travel across Heathrow and Edinburgh Airports. The research shows that demand for a foreign holiday has increased by +27% over the last 4 weeks.

The research also highlighted passenger volumes across key UK airports are starting to pick up with Q4 2020 projected to deliver –47% of passenger volumes YoY at LHR. And that December will witness almost 60% (LHR) and 64% (EDI) of audience vs. 2019.

These promising signs were further bolstered by the report that Business and Frequent Flyers are the most eager to travel internationally. According to JCDecaux’s study over 70% of Business Decision Makers (BDMs) expect their organisation to have resumed business travel by the end of the year. This finding supports PSI’s research that in the short term the recovery will be driven in large part by what we call the ‘extreme travel segments’. For business travel, this means a more concentrated level of BDM and C-Suite travellers shaping the immediate recovery of business travel.

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Quick Bites: Top Stories from the Week…
Piccadilly Lights features WWS Campaign showcasing powerful images from recent Black Lives Matter marches in London

From Tuesday July 7th, 2020, a thought-provoking, photographic collection named ‘The Feelings of Injustice’ went live on the iconic Piccadilly Lights. The images are an observation of diverse voices, faces and emotions united by pleas to end systemic racism.

Presented by What We See (WWS) in association with Landsec, the collection captured by WWS founder Misan Harriman paints a picture of solidarity, encouraging empathy and aims at transforming how we think about diversity and equality.

A drone show went live across the Seoul sky to inspire people to continue the fight against Covid-19

Hundreds of drones lit up the night sky in the South Korean capital, Seoul, in a spectacular showcase of motivational and awareness messages, as the fight against the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Three hundred unmanned aerial vehicles were programmed to form images above the Han River on Saturday night, displaying messages of key precautionary measures including wearing masks, washing hands and keeping safe distances.

A video of the campaign can be found here