Posterscope’s Jessica Bee shares her view

‘Diversified demographic planning intensifies in 2017’ with the IAB

Jessica Bee, Business Director at Posterscope, talks about reaching beyond the traditional demographics.

Throughout 2016 we saw an increase in planning using diversified consumer data-points, based on behaviour instead of normative age, gender or affluence score. Advertisers are now increasingly monitoring audiences to better understand their perspective, gauging what the individual consumer really wants.

Netflix Vice President of Product Innovation Todd Yellin described traditional demographics as “almost useless”. He continued, “Because here’s a shocker for you, there are actually 19-year-old guys who watch Dance Moms, and there are 73-year-old women who are watching Breaking Bad and Avengers.” Brands are becoming increasingly aware of this demographic shift and are refining the way they target their customers to ensure maximum relevancy.

In 2017, contextual content will play a key role in OOH, as our understanding of real-time behaviour, using affinity modelling of locations, alongside historic social and mobile location data allows us to understand a real-time audience.  Advancements in live data and DOOH will mean we can be even more predictive of changing trends and capitalise on unifying social moments and mind-sets that encompass all manner of audiences and reach beyond traditional demographic groups.

Data sources will also become more ‘open’, further changing how data is used and shared across channels. This won’t just mean OOH planning ‘learning’ from other mediums, but data previously used only for OOH planning is now used more widely to optimise other channels too. Shared data sources will streamline planning efficiency, further integrating DOOH into the wider digital strategy.

These advancements in live data availability, access to various data sources and integration of DOOH allows us to monitor and understand shifting behavioural patterns and identify common mind-sets – serving as a fundamental tool to help us better plan effective, engaging and relevant campaigns. The result of understanding a real audience as opposed to an aggregated survey, will help us reach beyond the traditional demographic in 2017.

Via: IAB News and Opinions