Posterscope Russua presented their global forecast for the development of outdoor advertising in 2019. Drivers of market growth will be technologies for using big data, visual search and object recognition, the development of smart cities. It is expected that the share of digital outdoor advertising in world income will exceed 40% in 2019 (WARC 2018 Global Ad Trends: OOH in focus).

According to Posterscope Russia, the share of digital outdoor advertising on the Russian market will exceed 30% in 2019, advertisers will be able to scale business into the territory of all of Russia.

Unique user experience;  In 2019, more than 50% of the out-of-home advertising campaigns in the world will be based on the use of consumer data, which will include not only socio-demographic indicators, online behavior and bank card transactions.

The Russian outdoor advertising market tends to reach 5-10% for this indicator.

Technological solutions that allow the use of a set of consumer data (a Posterscope location analysis tool, an ECOS planning and trading platform) will make the process of using big data an integral part of OOH campaigns.

Geolocation data; A large amount of consumer data is collected in order to describe consumer profiles of people through their online activities, but different information flows may not be interconnected and difficult to be transferred offline. The advantage of the approach based on movement data is the ability to combine feature sets about people from visiting different locations to form a single picture of what is happening. Over 80% of marketers used location data to increase their customer base, and this figure will grow in 2019.

Dynamic content;   Digital formats for outdoor advertising can now be found in many major cities of the world, their share in global expenditures on OOH in 2019 will be 40%. The study (VirtuoCity Dynamic Difference Research) proves that using digital OOH for communication of relevant time and place of communication increases brand awareness by 18%, advertising memorability by 53% and brand perception by 11%.

Posterscope Russia is confident that the market expects active growth in the use of dynamic creatives against the background of the development of digital equipment in the regions. Using this tool, advertisers will be able to customize advertising campaigns for a number of triggers, which will increase the relevance and effectiveness of their messages.

Visual search as a new format of communication with the consumer in OOH; The technology of visual search marked a serious prospect for the global market, in particular for such companies as Google (Lens), Samsung (Bixby) and Pinterest (Lens). Advertisers open up new opportunities when planning and implementing advertising campaigns in outdoor advertising. Using mobile devices and cameras, consumers can place an order without departing from a billboard, or dive into the world of augmented reality. Brands will strive to adapt their content to OHCH campaigns to use visual search technologies, similar to optimizing websites for text search.

Reconstruction of urban space;  The concept of “smart city” is a new area for the development of urban space, where modern technologies will become a tool for solving everyday tasks such as transport or logistics services. The integration of brands into subsystems of the “smart city” will shape the image of its products as essential in everyday life.

Anatoly Kupreev, General Director of Posterscope Russia;   “We hope that understanding the importance of introducing new formats of communication with the consumer through dynamic creatives and a new look at the effectiveness of advertising campaigns from customers will not remain without technological support from the data center, however, like the owners of Big Data. As an agency, we will do everything for our clients and the Russian market as a whole so that the relevance of the issue grows into effective technological solutions for clients. It will look like local solutions, as well as customizing the world’s best practices.”