In co-operation with Isobar and Amnet, Posterscope Netherlands created an Out of Home campaign for ferry company Stena Line which was aimed at delivering awareness and online mobile 360° communications.

From Goal to Stratgey; The campaign focused on Stena Line’s key holiday period of May to July and the aim was to generate lots of awareness and engagement in the brand across that period to boost bookings and footfall.

The programmatic buying strategy on digital billboards, screens at subway/train stations and on mobile 360° ad. optimised reach of all of their target groups – large and small.

Amnet developed the programmatic strategy based on geofencing (proximity) and a pre-defined target audiences.  They used gps-locations with a focus around train stations. The digital Out of Home screens were exposed on working days and during the weekends between 16:00 and 19:00. So whenever passersby were near a train station they were exposed to an Out of Home screen ad and one on their smartphone.

From insights to effectiveness; The programmatic strategy enabled the client to see the effects of the campaign as location click  through engagement rates were constantly monitored. This has given the client confidence in the medium and influenced the way that OOH and Mobile will be used for similar campaigns in the future.