To promote Coca Cola’s new packaging which launched early 2016, Posterscope Brazil and the DAVID agency created an icy show-shopper.

A giant ice block (2 metres deep and weighing 8 tons) with 500 cans of Coca-Cola embedded into it was placed on Ipanema beach. As the ice melted beach goers were rewarded with a can.

According to Patricia Pieranti, communication manager “Coca-Cola has always been part of the summer and our goal is providing a refreshing experience, in addition to presenting the new taste of Coca-Cola zero sugar to consumers”.

The campaign reinforces the launch of the new packaging, part of the original Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola zero sugar and Coca-Cola with Stevia and 50% less sugars in the positioning of the iconic brand Coca-Cola.

Thus, the portfolio no longer has three independent brands and is replaced with one great “Coca-Cola” with different versions.