Posterscope, Clear Channel and JCDecaux release ‘The Moments of Truth’ white paper

28th April 2020

Reflecting and respecting the mood of the country has been a key theme for advertisers during this Pandemic, and the brands that have approached this the right way, with Flexibility (how, where and when brands talk to people), Agility (reacting at speed to new requirements, data and mood) and Relevancy (ensuring messaging is relevant and sensitive to this time) have seen success with their work being both celebrated and shared.

The Moments of Truth’ study, is the world’s most comprehensive research examining the power of context and relevancy in OOH.  Commissioned by Clear Channel, JCDecaux and Posterscope, its aim was to understand the impact of dynamically serving Digital OOH.

The results proved beyond doubt that dynamic campaigns work: revealing an 18% increase in brain response for relevant moments and content, 17% increase in Spontaneous Ad recall and 16% increase in Sales effect with an overall 17% uplift in digital OOH effectiveness.

To access the White paper, click here