It’s Not Google-able!

January 2020

Rational analysis of evidence surrounding the status of the Out of Home sector at the end of 2019 points in an upward trajectory. Increased advertiser investment, growth in new advertisers, emerging new categories and exciting new formats are all reasons to be cheerful. But, our excitement should really be reserved for what’s coming, not what has already been.

That retrospective rigour needs future focus. It’s simple physics: if we’re looking back, we can’t also be looking forwards.There’s no denying that what has come before provides security; a comfort in turbulent and unpredictable times… But it’s this realm of ‘next’ that provides us with myriad opportunities to build, sculpt, code, and invent the future of OOH.

We’re all architects of that future; burdened by the responsibility of building it. A future that will be fuelled by technology, data, collaboration, and good old-fashioned creative thinking.

So, we may ask – and be asked – what exactly will the future hold? And our answer will always be:
‘Whatever we want it to be’.

The future will be whatever those that dare to dream, to create, to invent, to question, to analyse, to think…decide it will be.

The future is certainly not Google-able. But it is buildable.

So, let’s crack on!

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