Colum Harmon, marketing director, PML Group, contends that OOH’s brand building attributes are as relevant today as ever.

As data and technology help fuel a global and local renaissance for the Out of Home (OOH) channel, its traditional brand building attributes remain relevant and effective.

All brands need a stage and the contemporary Irish OOH sector offers advertisers the opportunity to emotionally resonate with consumers and generate long term brand equity through iconic imagery and locations. The scale, reach and impact of the OOH canvass is long-proven but now, more than ever, OOH can match brands’ creative ambitions with high quality, classic formats working alongside modern and attractive Digital OOH (DOOH) networks.

Out of Home is a pure advertising medium and OOH creative must speak for itself. This puts a major emphasis on quality and our own research indicates a correlation between design quality and some key brand building metrics such as awareness, recall, relevance and consideration. International research by McKinsey in 2017 proved a relationship between Cannes Lions creative success and commercial performance. Our award-winning Design+ team put this insight, knowledge and experience to work in creating stand out brand building work for clients including Mondeléz and Diageo.

If OOH is indeed a stage, then that stage also requires an audience. A range of demographic and macro-economic trends are emerging that is putting OOH media in front of more Irish consumers than ever before. Population growth, urbanisation, employment, traffic counts, public transport figures and out of home pursuits in the retail, work and leisure areas mean the reach of OOH media is bigger than ever. Two thirds of the population are in the major urban centres. 251 million public transport journeys were undertaken across 2017. Dublin is among Europe’s most congested cities. Targeted OOH media combines with mass marketing Outdoor channels to serve communication to consumers at multiple touchpoints in their daily lives. Out of Home is about real-world marketing, reaching real people with frequency as the live, work and play in the physical world.

Via PML Group Website