Electronics Top the Wish List for Black Friday Sales

November 2019

A new shopping tradition has been fully embraced by Irish consumers with many stating they are on the lookout for the best deals Black Friday has to offer.

That’s according to research carried out by PML Group that identifies the shopping intentions of the Dublin population on Black Friday. As part of its iQ research programme, the location-based marketing agency found that a significant proportion of Dublin adults intend to shop on what has become one of the biggest sale days of the year.

The research found that 40% of Dublin adults will purchase items in this year’s sale with an additional 42% stating they will possibly shop for discounts.

Females were more likely than males to peruse the deals with younger demographics most receptive to the money saving sales. An enormous 93% of 25-34-year olds stated they were likely to shop on the day with over half stating they will definitely be shopping for deals on Black Friday.
Opposingly, only 17% of Dublin adults have no intentions to shop.

Of those who will be shopping on Friday 29th, electronics and fashion generated the most interest from shoppers at 63% and 55% respectively. Males were 20% more likely than females to purchase electronic products and women were a quarter more likely to purchase fashion items.

Commenting on the findings, Niamh Manning, marketing executive at PML group said:
“Black Friday is now a permanent and lucrative fixture in the Irish calendar. The OOH sphere has seen a huge increase in the number of brands advertising Black Friday deals in recent years as it’s well placed to promote such offers.

OOH lends itself to ‘right time’ advertising and brands can cleverly entice audiences with their OOH comms, informing audiences of deals and ultimately influencing purchases. OOH is also the most effective offline medium in driving online activity offering brands a link between the real world and online activity of their customers.”