New signage points Coca-Cola fans in right direction for recycling

Beloved by thrill-seeking children and sugar-rotten adults alike, Coca-Cola’s has had a vice-like grip on the world’s tastebuds for over a century now.

And let’s be honest – as far as a taste of unbridled capitalism goes, a cold, fizzy, refreshing Coca-Cola is hard to beat.

The soft drink supremo’s latest European advertising campaign sees it thinking about the environment, and specifically how it can best encourage its loyal customers to dispose of their depleted bottles and cans in a responsible and recyclable manner.

Knowing full well that festival-goers often find themselves slaking their thirst without any regard for what happens to the now-drained drinking vessel, Coke asked ad agency Publicis Italy to conjure up a series of in-situ hoardings which subtly and playfully encouraged consumers do the right thing and chuck their rubbish in the right bin.

Debuting at a festival in Bulgaria this weekend gone, the environmentally-minded examples of good-natured wayfaring helped the event see an 85% rate of correct Coca-Cola can recycling.

AdAge reports that: “Coke was also environmentally strategic about placement of the signs—their locations were chosen based on where pre-existing or new recycling bins would get maximum visibility and use.”

Via: It’s Nice That