New Belgium Brewing

The growing popularity of craft breweries and their increasingly bizarre flavour combinations is no secret. Experimental beers with higher and higher alcohol content and the places where they are made have actually played a significant role in gentrifying seedy neighbourhoods across the country and beyond, making strips of metropolitan and industrial America more economically viable by leaps and bounds. New Belgium Brewing, the veteran craft beer company enjoying its view from the proverbial ground floor, recently unveiled the Voodoo Ranger Imperial India Pale Ale, and wanted to make spontaneous Millennials embrace it with the help of digital signage.

According to the campaign’s statistical background research, 75 percent of modern, young bar goers do not decide on their drink order ahead of time. Gone are the days of being married to a single brand of watered-down American lager. That said, this Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaign on Link NYC’s kiosks aimed to capitalize on the generation’s impulsiveness and adventurousness by using “reactive messaging,” and positioning the brand’s new rollout alongside seasonal events and other traditionally drinking occasions including March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day and April Fools.

This campaign to acquaint Millennials with the Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA made clever and synergistic use of data including daily beer supply levels and availability from the New Belgium team, peak hour information from popular bars and venues and maps to the closest Big Apple watering hole offering up the new brew. There was also the option of ordering from the Drizly app for a $5 delivery discount.