National audience mobility remains stable as Britons look to getting back to what they have missed

(w/e 5th March 2021)

Headline Stats

  • National Mobility: 63 % (down 0.7 percentage points week on week)
  • National Mobility is approximately 13 percentage points more than during the first lockdown
  • Urban Mobility: 62.9% (down 0.9 percentage points week on week)
  • England Mobility: 64.9% (down 0.2 percentage points week on week)
  • Wales Mobility: 45.5% (up 0.1 percentage point week on week)
  • Scotland Mobility: 71.2% (down 0,3 percentage points week on week)

Mobility Data is from our partner, Three. It is based off a pre-lockdown baseline of 100.

Weekly UK Mobility Index Change

UK National Mobility remains stable week-on-week


PSMIND, Posterscope’s AI tool which analyses multiple data sources to predict audience trends as we move out of lockdown, is able to forecast audience mobility throughout key moments as we move into Spring/Summer, delivering the best possible insight for brands looking to secure their OOH planning.

Throughout March we expect there to be a steady return of audiences, accelerating through April and May to reside at 107% by 21st June. This charge will be led by Roadside traffic – the heartland of OOH, with Rail not far behind as offices potentially re-open.

(PSMIND data, figures are based on a pre-lockdown baseline in January 2020 of 100)


In the immediate future, people are most excited about being able to go back to doing the ‘little things’ which they have missed most during a year of lockdown restrictions. 77% of people believe Easter is an important time to connect with friends and family (Clear Channel, Retail Occasions), which they’ll be able to do as early as 29th March with the Rule of Six outdoors.

Next month, as non-essential retail, hairdressers, outdoor hospitality open and UK staycations are allowed, 59% of people are most looking forward to getting a haircut, while a similar number (58%) are already planning a UK summer getaway (JCDecaux, Stepping through Spring).

With Brits nationwide starting to travel beyond their local vicinity, mobility amongst roadside audiences will rise to 108% of pre-pandemic levels (PSMIND mobility data).

Since the roadmap out of lockdown was announced, there has been substantial interest in the OOH market as advertisers look to take advantage of society returning outdoors in the next few weeks, meaning now is the best time for brands to lock-in availability.

To help brands do this, PSMIND can provide invaluable insight on key return-to-market timings as we emerge from lockdown, to best capitalise on OOH activity.