National audience mobility shows steady continuous increase

(w/e 29th January 2021)

Headline Stats

  • National Mobility: 62.8 % (up 0.2 percentage points week on week)
  • National Mobility is approximately 13 percentage points more than during the first lockdown
  • Urban Mobility: 62.9% (up 0.2 percentage points week on week)
  • England Mobility: 64.7% (up 0.2 percentage point week on week)
  • Wales Mobility: 45% (up 0.2 percentage points week on week)
  • Scotland Mobility: 71.1% (up 0.3 percentage points week on week)

Mobility Data is from our partner, Three. It is based off a pre-lockdown baseline of 100.

Weekly UK Mobility Index Change

UK mobility continues to show slight increases week on week

Area Analysis

Mobility in Outer London boroughs continue to increase, averaging out at 64% (week ending 29th Jan)- higher than the national than overall national average of 62.8%. Major increases were seen in Kingston Upon Thames (+0.6), Bromley (+0.5) and Enfield (+0.4).

This displays the steady deepening of the ‘donut effect’ we’ve seen in cities across the UK.

What this means for brands and clients

The Mobility Mindset research, conducted by Posterscope and Dipsticks last year revealed that people now have a heightened level of positivity with the OOH space and their local community. 70% now pay “more attention” to what is going on around their local area, with 56% “noticing OOH more in their local community”.

This research, in addition to the continued deepening of the donut effect with more people out in their local vicinity, means there remains opportunities for brands to make substantial connections with communities now, to help establish long-term future success.